Amanda Wearstler
Digital Artist, Water Color Explorer


Digital Artist, Water Color Explorer


About Me

Amanda is a 25 year old artist who never slows down. Goals for the 2016 year include writing her first Children's book and self-publishing it, expanding her watercolor adventures, creating her own tarot deck, and continuing her endeavors with

Amanda loves to draw and paint cute things, like Ponies, cartoons, animals, cats, and pin ups.

Amanda enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy books, wearing miss-matching socks, and dancing around in her underwear to loud "happy music" when no one is home. She lives in Washington State with her boyfriend, James. She has a bad ass El Camino named Lola and goes hiking weekly.


Amanda has been a proud team member of since 2010.

Jet City Comic Show - Artist Alley 2011-2015
Everfree Northwest - Artist Alley 2015
Pacific NerdWest - Artist Alley 2013

Want to hire Amanda?

Amanda offers the following:
+ Digital Inking
+ Digital Coloring
+ Watercolor commissions
+ Acrylic commissions
+ Original Character commissions
+ Sequential Art and Coloring
+ Logo work

Please email her at for more info and pricing.
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